The study room is the most important room for the intellectuals, for students as this is the room where one builds his career.

In the reading room, one should plan the lights very carefully as the intensity affects a lot on the eyes thus on the health. Lighting in study room is having very much importance for reading and writing properly and light should be planned carefully to avoid strain on eyes. To get the adequate illumination for study i.e. reading and writing can be achieved by placing table lamp or lamps in a way that light directly falls on the reading/ writing table. For avoiding harsh strain on eyes, one should make use of suitable light which comes from behind computer monitor/screen. Arrange the reading lamps having proper quality and quantity of illumination to get pleasant reading and easy concentration.

                          One should make arrangement for natural lighting because natural lighting is best for study room as this lighting has positive impact on eyes and feelings.  Lon- Max Desk Lamp produces natural light and helps in reducing stress on eyes at the time of reading or writing. Anti- glare light is best for the students who study for long hours as it doesn’t affect the eyes.
Here are some adequate lighting you can select from these types of lighting which do not affect eyes and health of the children.

• Task Lighting
• Pendant Fixtures Lighting
• Recessed Lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is very useful to keep away from glare and shadow at the time of using computers in study room.  For writing purpose, task lights should be placed in such away so as to avoid both glare and shadow.  The use of table lamp which is flexible and can be easily adjustable to any required angles or directions for taking the best illumination for the task and create full spectrum of natural light. For taking sufficient illumination one should provide with the general lighting, up lighters and down lighters in the study room.  
When one make arrangement to locate task lighting properly to keep away both glare and shadow on the screen. Ambient lighting can be in form of ceiling and wall fixtures. When one want to provide floor lamps for reading or writing, the floor lamp should be kept 1-00 meter to 1-22 meter high from the floor. Use of portable floor lamp has extra advantages to get lighting for reading. The shade on the light should be reasonably illumines to gently disperse the light and abolish glare, thus open top shades are chosen.

Pendant Fixtures Lighting

Provide pendant lighting because this light is becoming popular lighting option for its flexibility and modern artistic beauty. Pendant lighting provides direct light to work top and these fixtures are durable and are used either as general lighting or as task lighting. Due to artistic designs and ideal quality, the pendant lighting is useful for use in restaurants, showrooms, homes, and workplaces.

Recessed Lighting

It is good to provides recessed lighting to increases the quantity of lighting and provides illumination to whole study room. It is most necessary that the recessed lighting should be located very carefully, so that it could bring light or spread light in the complete workspace. It should be fixed at proper height i.e. over head and shoulders to avoid obstruction of required light in the study room. For the study room, it is necessary that task lights should be hold up with general illumination even if it is of low intensity to keep away from eye strain.

Effects of Wall Colors

Colors also have great roll in study room lighting. Finish the study room walls with light colors because light colors have no any effect on eyes of children. But when one use dark colors in study room than it have bad effects on the eyes of the children. Never finish the study room walls with shining color such as synthetic enamel paint because this paint has more shining and has adverse effect on the health of eyes.